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With UNT System Marketplace, you will be able to browse catalogs, contracts, or place orders to suppliers through a "non-catalog/non-contract" requisitioning process.  Invoices and payment requests are initiated and created within Marketplace.

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What are the benefits of UNT System Marketplace?

  • It provides a one-stop shopping experience with suppliers—reduce the need to remember multiple websites or set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Similar to other online shopping sites, products may be searched by keyword, part number, category, or "favorites" lists.
  • Real cost savings—UNT System's contracts and "best value" sources are readily accessible.
  • Quicker turnaround since there are no delegated dollar limits on orders placed with catalog suppliers.
  • Requisitions are automatically budget-checked and routed through a department's specified Approval Workflow.
  • Catalog invoicing is centralized and automated, which minimizes or eliminates paper invoice processing and Payment Card receipts and reconciliation reports.
  • Provides greater spend visibility, reporting, and analysis.


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