Policy and Requirements

Please refer to the following information for appropriate procedures and guidelines. The final decision/authorization for the Best Value Procurement Method is determined by the Strategic Sourcing Team and Procurement Administration.

  • If a catalog vendor is in place, all purchases will be made through the catalog regardless of the amount.
  • Effective 9/1/2020 - Purchases $5,000 and under shall be made on the dept purchasing card unless the type of purchase is on the current listing of purchasing card restrictions. View Pcard restricted item types.
  • Purchases of $15,000 and below allow for selection of the vendor of choice. Departments are encouraged to practice good faith and award based on best value. See also the Procurement Guide Change memorandum #1 document.
  • Purchases requiring informal bids must comply with the requirement for bids/quotes from at least two (2) Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB). The HUB team is available to assist with locating a qualified and responsive HUB vendor. Contact: hub@untsystem.edu. When at least 2 HUB business quotes are not attached, information must be included with the requisition documenting the reasons for non-compliance. All informal quotes must be documented in writing and cannot be verbal quotes. 
  • See also the Procurement Guide Change memorandum #1 document.
  • Effective 2/1/23, utilization of an approved cooperative agreement shall satisfy the requirement for competitive pricing except for procurements $50,000 and above. For procurements in this category, pricing must be supported by price offers from two additional contractors who have awarded contracts through an approved cooperative unless the contracts are through State of Texas agencies such as the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) or through the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts office such as SmartBuy of TXMAS.

Please note:  The above applies for purchases using State or Local Funds. If using Federal funds, you will need to procure using Federal thresholds.

All Funds Procurement Method Bid Requirements Estimated Processing Time
All Dollar Limits UNTS Marketplace Catalog Vendor No bids for utilizing contracted catalog vendors 3-5 Business Days
All Dollar Limits State Contract No bids for contracts from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Department of Information Resources or TxMAS 3-5 Business Days
$0 to $15,000.00 One (1) verbal or
written bid/quote
Department selects the best value 3-5 Business Days
$15,000.01 to $50,000.00 Three (3) informal
written bids/quotes
Department solicits at least 3 written informal bids/quotes, including at least 2 Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) vendors. All bids/quotes must be attached to the UNTS Marketplace requisition.  Documentation must be included when HUB vendors are not available or "no bid" quotes are received. 3-5 Business Days
Over $50,000.00 Formal Bid Business Service Center Purchasing Area completes formal bidding process Varies, up to 120 days, based on purchase type.
Over $100,000.00 All methods In addition to the formal bid process, HUB Subcontracting Plans are required Add 7 business days to estimated
processing time listed above.
$0-$50,000.00 Other Cooperative
(Not state contract)
Department solicits one written quote with cooperative contract number on quote.  3-5 Business Days
Over $50,000.00 Other Cooperative
(Not state contract)
Department solicits three written quotes from coop vendors with cooperative contract number on quote. Department
selects best value. 
3-5 Business Days



All purchases generally are made on a competitive bid basis. When the estimated cost exceeds $15,000 and specifications limit consideration to one manufacturer, one product, or one service provider; please submit a request for a proprietary/sole source purchase by completing a Proprietary Sole Source Purchase Justification. Once approved, the approved proprietary/sole source procurement must be attached to the UNTS Marketplace requisition. The Strategic Sourcing Team and Procurement Administration have final approval of a proprietary/sole source purchase.