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Register International Travel

The University of North Texas System and its institutions are committed to the safety, security and well-being of students, staff, faculty, and volunteers traveling abroad. UNTS and its institutions take proactive measures to identify and respond to risk arising from university-related international travel. International travelers are required to register their travel in advance using the link below. Travelers are encouraged to utilize the resources provided to prepare for and respond to emergency situations that may occur while abroad.

Register Travel

Risk Assessment

If traveling internationally and the destination country(s) is a level 3 or higher on the U.S. State Department’s website, a risk assessment is required.“

Who Must Register?

Faculty & Staff

  • All UNT System Faculty, Staff, & Students
  • All UNT Faculty, Staff, & Students (Including UNT New College at Frisco)
  • All UNT Health Science Center Faculty, Staff, & Students
  • All UNT at Dallas Faculty, Staff, & Students (Including UNT Dallas College of Law)


  • All UNT Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Excluding students participating in a Study Abroad/Exchange/Faculty Led Program (Including UNT New College At Frisco)
  • All UNT Health Science Center Graduate and Undergraduate Students
  • All UNT at Dallas Graduate and Undergraduate Students (Including UNT Dallas College Of Law)

UNT Travelers are strongly encouraged to have all guest and volunteers register their travel at Register Travel.

Emergency Abroad

Note: Local Emergency Responders should be contacted first in the event of a time-sensitive and life-threatening emergency.

ACE American Insurance Company

Contact ACE American Insurance Company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you experience a medical emergency or encounter a security concern while abroad. Reference Policy Number: GLMN04250965

  • 1.855.327.1414 Toll-Free
  • 1.630.694.9764

The University of North Texas Emergency Operations Center

Contact The University of North Texas Emergency Operations Center to report any emergency you may experience that is a threat to your safety or health.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a UNT faculty or staff member and the incident involves UNT students, you must all fill out an incident report within 72 hours of the incident. For more information on what needs reporting and to submit a report, please click here.

Travel Insurance

International insurance coverage is available for all students, staff, faculty, and volunteers traveling for university sponsored/related purposes. The coverages provided by ACE American Insurance Company includes medical assistance, personal assistance, travel assistance, and security assistance. Travelers must register their travel in advance before coverages can be provided.

Please contact Risk Management Services at if you have any questions or concerns related to international travel insurance.

Travel Assistance Brochure - Coverage applies for faculty, staff, consultants, agents, board of regents, students and volunteers, who are participating in activities sponsored by UNT. Coverage extends to dependent spouse and children as well.

Export Controls


Travelers are responsible for complying with all laws and UNTs Export Controls Policy.

If you are traveling to a sanctioned country, you must contact the Export Controls Officer in the UNT Office of Research Integrity & Compliance, at or 940.565.3941.

You are responsible for obtaining the proper permission via the UNT Office of Research Integrity & Compliance to travel with any data, equipment, software or technology regulated by the:

  • U.S. Department of State. Please review the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) U.S. Munitions List for a detailed list of regulated items.
  • U.S. Commerce Department. Please review the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Review Part 774, the Commerce Control List for a detailed list of regulated items.

You can learn more information about export controls at UNT by visiting the Research & Innovation's page on Export Controls. If you would like more information or to discuss your trip, please click here to contact


Click here for more information -


Click here for more information -

Complete these two forms:

  1. HSC International Travel Form
  2. HSC International Device Checklist Form

Here are some additional helpful resources

  • Travel Checklist for all Faculty, Staff, and Students (Other than Student Government/Organization Sponsored Travel).
  • For HSC Student Government/Organization Sponsored Travel, email or contact your organization's Tresasurer.

Travel Resources

Important Websites

  • UNT Denton - Division of International Affairs
    International Student & Scholar Services for Faculty and Staff, Passports, Visas
  • Department of State
    Review Travel Alerts & Warnings, enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, and learn about your destination.
  • US Embassy
    Review Country Specific Information such as important phone numbers and resources The U.S. Embassies and Consulates provide to help with planning for or responding to an emergency.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Review Travel Health Notices and use tools to seek advice and identify which vaccines are recommended by The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council
    Review Daily News and Crime and Safety Reports from countries throughout the world.

Risk Assessments

Country-Wide Assessment:

Country-wide risk assessments can be utilize prior to or in the process of making travel arrangements to international destinations. Risk Assessments provide travelers with a snapshot of the safety conditions within the countries they plan to visit. There are 9 different risk indicators used to determine an overall risk/safety rating for a particular country. The 9 risk indicators used are crime, terrorism, conflict, political instability, infrastructure, kidnapping, corruption, civil unrest, and cyber issues. Along with a written explanation, each indicator is ranked to be low, moderate, high, or extreme. Those indicators are used to determine an overall rank for a particular country.

Site-Specific Risk Assessments

Site-specific assessments can be utilized to determine the safety conditions in a particular region, city, or town within a country. Some countries may experience higher levels of crime, terrorism, conflict, political instability, poor infrastructure, kidnapping, corruption, civil unrest, and cyber issues in certain geographical areas than throughout the rest of the country. This risk assessment will determine whether the geographic area the traveler has plans to visit is safer, more dangerous, or reflective of the country-wide assessment.

Country-wide risk assessments and site-specific risk assessments are available upon request by emailing

International Travel Resources

Foreign per diem rates

Foreign per diem rates are determined by the Department of State
NOTE: Any location not listed for per diem under a country takes the "Other" rate for that country. An unlisted suburb of a listed location takes the "Other" rate, not that of the location of which it is a suburb.

Meal breakdown

If any meals are provided by a conference, use the provided breakdown table to remove those meals from your per diem allowance.
Be sure to attach the conference agenda with any conference travel and note if any meals were provided. The schedule at a glance portion is sufficient.

Language Translation

Itemized charges on a hotel receipt should be translated to ensure lodging, tax, and meals are separated on the travel voucher. There are several translators available online. Google translate works well and also has an App for your smartphone or tablet.

Currency Conversion

Expenses claimed for reimbursement should be converted to US Dollars. Currency amounts can be converted online with Oanda -

Conversion documentation for each expense must accompany the Employee Expense Report.

  • Be sure to use the correct date and attach conversion sheet with receipt OR
  • Attach a copy of the credit card statement that shows actual converted charges (IBT cards are very helpful here)

For those departments live with Concur Request & Expense, currency conversion is automatic. No additional information is required.

UNT Passport Office

The Study Abroad Office at the University of North Texas is an official Passport Acceptance Facility for the U.S. Department of State. Passport services are offered for students, faculty, staff, and the general public. No appointment necessary.