Concur Non-Employee Profiles

For all UNT System Enterprise Employees, profiles in Concur are automatically created from the HR system with a valid HR record.

Profiles for non-employees (Students, prospective employees, other non-employee guests) have to be manually created by the UNT System Concur Team. Non-employees will not be able to access Concur. A full-time UNT System employee must be designated as the guest’s sponsor that will create and submit reimbursement Expense Reports and Travel on the guest’s behalf.

This page provides the resources and information needed to carry out this process

High Level Process Steps

1. Log into PaymentWorks SSO and send an invitation to the non-employee to register as a payee with the University through PaymentWorks.


  • If there will NOT be any reimbursements for the non-employee, skip steps 1 & 2. 
  • if you need to book a flight for the guest quickly, you can skip steps 1 & 2 to be completed at a later date.
2. Once the non-employee has completed registration. You’ll receive an “Onboarding
Complete” email that contains their payee vendor number.
3. Log into the Dynamic Form SSO for Concur non-employee profile set up. Enter the vendor id (if reimbursement is required) and all required fields. Submit the form.


Portal Login links

SSO Login for PaymentWorks

SSO Login for Concur Non-Employee Profile Set up webform

If the guest is not a US citizen, click HERE

Detailed instructions

Concur Non-Employee Profile Set up overview

PaymentWorks overview

PaymentWorks Initiator Role - pg 14 shows step by step process on sending a PaymentWorks registration invitation

Concur Non-Employee Profile set up for Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals will not utilize PaymentWorks. Use the link below for non-U.S. Citizens.

SSO Login for Foreign National Concur Non-Employee Profile Set up webform

The following forms will need to be obtained by the individual prior to requesting a profile setup: