Travel Card


Citibank Individually Billed Corporate Travel Card (IBT)

IBT State of Texas Travel cards are the preferred method of payment for individual employee travel. 

  • Allows the Traveler to keep UNT Business Travel expenses separate from personal funds
  • Work as a personal credit card and are issued in Traveler’s Name
  • Applying for a IBT Card does not affect the Traveler’s personal credit report
  • Converts Foreign currency travel expenses automatically to USD

Employees at University of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas and UNT System Administration who travel regularly are encouraged to apply for the Citibank individually billed corporate travel card (IBT).  The IBT card works just like a personal credit card, is issued in the travelers’ name, and the credit card bill is mailed directly to the Traveler’s home address. Card transactions flow into the cardholder's Concur profile which will then be added to an Expense Report with a receipt attached. The traveler pays their bill with reimbursement from the Concur Expense Report.

How to Apply

Please note: The only way to apply for the card is online.

  1. Go to: Link will open in a new window.
  2. Click on ‘Apply for card’Screenshot of
  3. Select 'Invitation Passcode' and then click 'Continue'. Screenshot of
  4. The application process is a four screen process.
  5. The passcode for all employees is 'UNTDS' and the inviter's email address is
  6. Create a user name and password. Note: Only use special characters associated with the number keys. This will be the same username and password you will use to access your account.
  7. You must fill out all of the required information, as indicated by an Asterisk: *. The address in the Contact Information should be your home address.
  8. Submit the application for approval.

Once the application is submitted, it will be routed to the UNT System Travel Department for approval. During this step, the staff will verify employment and set the credit limit on the card. The application is then sent to Citibank for final approval. It takes Citibank 5-7 days to process the application. If the application is denied, Citibank will contact the UNT System Travel Department and the cardholder will be notified.

The card will be mailed to the home address indicated on the application. The cardholder will need to call Citibank customer service to activate the card. There will be a sticker on the card with instructions.

The monthly bills will be sent to the home address. It is important to make sure the cardholder submits the transactions on a Concur Expense Reports in a timely manner in order to receive the reimbursement in time to pay the monthly bill. Many times airfare purchases take place months before a trip occurs for the lower price airfare options. With departmental approval, you can be reimbursed for this expense, and other expenses that occur prior to the trip such as hotel deposit, at the time of purchase once a Concur Expense Report has been submitted.

For any questions, please email us at, or call 940.369.5500/Toll-Free: 855.868.4357.