Payroll, time and labor, direct deposit, W-2 forms and W-4 forms are managed by staff under the Office of the Controller. You may be directed to websites for the IRS, Social Security Administration or other agencies for current forms.

After employees complete onboarding, supervisors are responsible for managing Time and Labor and Payroll records to ensure that a paycheck is directly deposited in the employee’s account on the day designated by the State of Texas as payday.

Payroll Deadlines

Below are some helpful forms, which are also located in the Forms Library.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self-Service allows you to access much of the data that is maintained about you in EIS (Enterprise Information System). This direct access to view your biographic and demographic data, paycheck data and benefits data is available to you at all times except for scheduled EIS maintenance. Much of the information can be updated directly online in EIS. If you find something that needs updating that you are unable to edit, contact your department administrator.

Employee Self-Service is available through the Portal; a central web location where UNT community members can access the Enterprise Information System (EIS) and other available online services using a single login. You can view university news, events, information resources and your Human Resources information and services.

An EUID (Enterprise User ID) is required to log onto the Portal.
Every employee is assigned an Enterprise User ID (EUID) which is created when their hire paperwork is entered. EUIDs are also assigned to students, student applicants and any other person with a need to access any of the online systems. If an EUID has already been assigned for any other reason, the same EUID is used for Employee Self-Service.
Before the EUID can be used it must be activated in the Account Management System. After responding to the questions asked, your EUID will be displayed and you will be given an opportunity to set your password. Once your password is set you will be able to access Employee Self-Service.

Go to mySystem. If you experience difficulty logging into self-service, please contact the appropriate Helpdesk:

UNT Health Science Center

ITS Helpdesk

UNT Dallas

ITSS Helpdesk

UNT System

UNTS Service Desk



The Board of Regents approve Holidays for each institution for all eligible employees. These holidays do not need to be entered into EIS by the timekeeper. A staff member must be in active status and not on leave without pay (LWOP) immediately prior to and immediately following a scheduled holiday to receive payment for the holiday. Please report to the Payroll Office when an employee is not due pay for a Holiday.

Leave Balances

Employees that are eligible for vacation leave have a maximum balance that can be carried over from the end of one fiscal year to the next. This is based on the employee's number of state service months and FTE (full time equivalent) status. While they do have a maximum carry over, they do not lose this time. The time rolls over into the employees' sick leave balance.

Other Resources