Hazardous Duty Pay

I am a commissioned officer but I am not receiving hazardous duty pay. How can this be corrected?

Email a copy of your commission status to Human Resources Records. Records will update your information to reflect your commissioned status, calculate your hazardous duty pay amount and update your record for continued hazardous duty pay.

Now that I receive hazardous duty pay will I continue to receive longevity pay?

Yes, your longevity pay will continue. The longevity pay amount will not increase based on the longevity pay schedule while receiving hazardous duty pay.

I am a commissioned officer who recently started receiving hazardous duty pay. Will my longevity pay begin once I reach 24 months of Texas state service?

No. Longevity payments will continue for employees in hazardous duty position only if the employee was receiving longevity pay before transferring into a hazardous duty pay position.

​​​​​​​Are part-time employees assigned to a hazardous duty position eligible for hazardous duty pay?

Part-time employees earn hazardous duty pay at a proportional rate.

Is hazardous duty pay prorated?

No.  If you are eligible to receive hazardous duty pay as of the first day of the month you will receive the full hazardous duty pay amount.