How do I download a PDF copy of my W-2?

  1. Go to mySystem
  2. Login by entering your EUID and password
  3. From the left hand navigation, click on Payroll & Compensation
  4. Click on the Consent to Electronic W-2
  5. Scroll through and read the consent agreement
  6. Check the box to indicate your consent and click “Submit"
  7. Logout

How soon can I get my W-2?

Online W-2 Form: If you opted for online distribution, you will receive an email notification when the W-2 form is available usually by the end of the third week of January.

Paper Copy of W-2 Form: Please reach out to Payroll Division for details on when the W-2 form will be disturbed.  The W-2 Form must be distributed by January 31st of each year.

I lost my W-2. How do I get a new copy of my W-2?

Please email the Payroll Division at payroll@untystem.edu for assistance.

Is the online W-2 available for separated employees?

Yes, even if you are separated employee you are still able to access your W-2 via mySystem. If you are having issues viewing your W-2, please email payroll@untsystem.edu

What should I do if the Social Security number, name or address is wrong on my W-2?

The Social Security number and the name on the W-2 statement must match the Social Security number and name on the Social Security card. If they do, then the W-2 is correct. If they do not, the W-2 form is incorrect and you need a W-2C.

To obtain a W-2C, please reach out the payroll@untsystem.edu for additional information.

Why do the amounts on my W-2 differ from my last pay check stub/advice year-to-date information?

While your pay check stub/advice is issued with your last check for the year, the Payroll Division has time prior to issuing W-2’s to make adjustments.  This could include overpayments, year-end tax adjustments, or other income transactions.

Why aren’t my December earnings included in my W-2?

For tax reporting purposes, wages are reported when they are paid, not when earned.  December earnings are paid on the state designated date in January.  Earnings paid in January are reported in the next tax year.

Is the amount in box 12 included in box 1?

No, the amount in box 12 is not included in box 1; box 1 is total taxable income.