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Updates: October 2023

New Visual Theme for your SAP Concur Profile

The visual theme of your signed-in web experience for SAP Concur profile was updated October 2nd, 2023. Click here for more information.


Below is a list of links and training videos referenced in our training sessions.



    • Login to Concur
    • Exploring the SAP Concur Home Page - This video provides information about how to navigate the SAP Concur home page to quickly view and act on tasks.
    • Logging in & Submitting an Expense Report - Navigate to Concur via > Select Expense at the top of the screen > Select the Expense Report you need to submit > Select the orange button in the upper right hand corner "Submit" > answer any prompts.
    • Concur MicroLearning - Short How-To videos on completing frequent tasks. 
    • Training - Take self-serve training courses through your campus' learning management system Learn HSC or Bridge.
    • Terminology and Acronyms




User Profile


  • Travel FAQ - for Request, Travel, Expense, & Delegations

Roles within Concur

  • Adding a Delegate - Give another employee access to your profile to build Requests and Expense reports on your behalf. If you need to be a delegate for someone, you can forward this link to them so that they can set you up.
  • Acting as a Delegate – Log into another employee’s profile to work on their behalf.
  • Manage Your Delegations - View your delegations and/or remove yourself as a delegate or travel assistant
  • Concur Approver Role – For the approver: Approve Requests and Expense Reports submitted by employees they manage and/or on a fund they manage.
  • Concur  Approver Delegate Previewer Role – As the approver, give another employee access to your profile preview Requests and Expense reports submitted for approval.

Mobile Apps



Cash Advance Setup in Concur Request - Employees that need to add a cash advance to their Concur Requests should complete this form before the Request is submitted and at least 15 days before the date of departure. This is a one-time setup. Note that completing this webform does not initiate a payment for cash advance. The user will be notified by the travel team once their profile has been updated for cash advance funtionality. At that point, the user can add Cash Advances, they can ask for cash advances on all of their future Concur Requests. Here's how to add a cash advance to your Concur Requests - Requesting a Cash Advance - SAP Concur Microlearning
NOTE: Requests with cash advances must be completely approved at least 10 days prior to departure to give the Travel Team and Accounts Payable ample time to ensure a payment is issued.

NOTE: This link has moved to a new page - Non-Employee Concur Profile setup - Non-Employees (Students, prospective employees, other non-employee guests) can have their University business expenses reimbursed through Concur as well as have their travel pre-approved, booked, and expensed through Concur. A UNT System Employee will be set up as a Sponsor for the non-employee should complete this form.


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