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Hello! Welcome to the online resource page for the new Concur Request, Travel, & Expense modules.

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Below is a list of links and training videos referenced in our training sessions.


User Profile

  • Guide on updating Profile SettingsA setup guide for important profile settings that should be updated before using any of the Concur modules.
  • Update your Travel Profile - Before you use Concur Travel for the first time, you will need to update your Travel profile.
  • Activate E-Receipts – Concur has partnered with some vendors to provide e-receipts that automatically send travel receipts to your Concur profile.
  • Non-Employee Concur Profile Set up - How to create a profile for a non-employee (students, prospective employees, and other non-employee guests of the University for non-travel reimbursements & travel pre-approval > travel booking > travel reimbursement.


  • Travel FAQ - for Request, Travel, Expense, & Delegations

Roles within Concur

Mobile Apps



Cash Advance Setup in Concur Request - Employees that need to add a cash advance to their Concur Requests should complete this form. This form should be completed before the Request is submitted and at least 15 days before the date of departure. This is a one-time setup. Once the user's profile is updated to add Cash Advances, they can ask for cash advances on all of their Concur Requests. Here's how to add a cash advance to your Concur Requests - Requesting a Cash Advance - SAP Concur - openSAP Microlearning

NOTE: This link has moved to a new page - Non-Employee Concur Profile setup - Non-Employees (Students, prospective employees, other non-employee guests) can have their University business expenses reimbursed through Concur as well as have their travel pre-approved, booked, and expensed through Concur. A UNT System Employee will be set up as a Sponsor for the non-employee should complete this form.


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