Office of Contract Administration (OCA)

Welcome to our website!

Our goal is to create an informative, welcoming, and user-friendly platform to help you with business contracts.

First, here’s an introduction to who we are.

The Office of Contract Administration (OCA) is now a UNT System Office. OCA supports the mission and values of the UNT System and its member institutions by facilitating business contract review, processing, routing, and administration for UNT System Administration, UNT, UNT Health Science Center, and UNT Dallas in a professional and timely manner, in accordance with State of Texas Laws and institutional policies. This includes, but is not limited to compliance review, analysis, and support for appropriate changes to contracts. Our goal is to create an informative, welcoming, and user-friendly platform to help you with business contracts.

The Office of Contract Administration will:

  • Review and process business/service/purchasing/revenue contracts
  • Assist with business contract negotiations (as needed)
  • Facilitate routing of contracts to contract completion/execution
  • Provide contract training
  • Perform random and planned file/contract reviews of executed contracts/agreements for compliance and/or monitoring
  • Maintain electronic records of business contracts through Database Management
  • Post all contracts for the purchase of goods or services from a private vendor; unless they meet a criteria for exemption

Here’s a summary of our website features and navigation:

  • Total Contract Manager (TCM) – is the contract lifecycle management system for business contracts administered by the Office of Contract Administration (OCA).
  • Contract Liaisons – are those individuals within the department that partner with us to facilitate routing of contracts to execution. Here you will find quarterly updates, Contract Liaison procedures & the link to the form to delegate a Contract Liaison
  • FAQs – (Frequently Asked Questions) we update regularly
  • Meet the Staff – see the staff of the office & highlights of the type of contracts assigned to each staff member
  • Policies and Procedures – highlights the rules and policies that influence contract administration and management
  • Training & Resources – highlights the training offerings and the link to request individualized training
  • Contract Reporting – reports containing pending and expiring contracts and reports made available to comply with the state of Texas requirements for transparency in contracting and procurement.
  • Click-Wrap Approval – Use this form to submit a click wrap agreement to a contract specialist for PCard purchase approval.

HSC campus users, for the time being, please utilize the HSC External webpage: or HSC Internal webpage:

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