Contract Liaisons

The Contract Liaison:

  • Is delegated by a department head/chair
  • Is knowledgeable about department contracts
  • Will work closely with the Office of Contract Administration through each stage of contract administration

Each Department Head/Chair whose area has cause to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the institution, selects a department Contract Liaison(s). Contract Liaisons will serve as a departmental contract contact and will collaborate with the Office of Contract Administration in managing contracts at the department level.

Contract Liaisons are included in communications and periodic updates in which OCA shares information about available resources; revisions in reference documents, policies, and procedures; reminders about procedures and tasks that need to be completed; training in Total Contract Manager (TCM) system; and general contract management training.

Contract Liaison Updates

Contract Liaison updates are posted quarterly.  See the latest updates 2-22-2024 here.

Customer Experience Survey Now Open!

If you are involved in any way with initiating, reviewing, approving, processing or entering into business contracts for UNT System Administration, UNT, UNT Health Science Center, and/or UNT-Dallas, we’d like your feedback! Please click on the following link to take a short 7-minute survey. Survey dates: 3/01/2024 - 3/22/2024.

Contract Liaison Delegation

pic of signature delegationFor UNTS/UNT/UNTD users: delegate a Contract Liaison by completing the online Contract Liaison Delegation form below.

CL delegation QR code


*HSC campus users: follow the instructions on the HSC Contract Liaison webpage.