Click Wrap Approval

PCARD  & ClickWrap Agreements

ClickWrap agreements are used in internet purchases where the person making the purchase is required to click "I Agree" to the vendor’s terms and conditions. Departments/Contract Liaisons are responsible for reading and understanding the full terms and conditions associated with any purchase made with University dollars, as well as for complying with the policies regarding PCard usage.


  • You can now submit a Clickwrap agreement to the UNTS Office of Contract Administration via Total Contract Manager (TCM) in UNTS Marketplace.
  • Also use the Contract Request form in TCM to submit PCARD agreements (payment will be made by PCARD).


Disclaimer - PcARD & Clickwrap agreements

NOTE: If applicable, before submitting a PCARD & CLICKWRAP agreements, ensure that you have acquired IT Compliance approval so that you can upload the approval documentation to your request. IT approval can be acquired by submitting a Technical Acquisition Questionnaire (TAQ) that is available within ServiceNow. The TAQ must now be completed, and an IT Compliance Release obtained prior to submission of the requisition & routing of the contract. The link to the TAQ is available at the System IT, Acquisition of Technology Resources page:

Announcement no PCARD payments as of 9/1/2024

For assistance, training about using TCM to submit contracts for PCARD & CLICKWRAP agreements is available here as a PRINT VERSION QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE and a video below.



**IMPORTANT** the Department Liaison role is required to submit Contract Requests.

To acquire the appropriate role in TCM to submit contracts, complete the Contract Liaison Delegation. For UNTS/UNT/UNTD users: delegate a Contract Liaison by completing the online Contract Liaison Delegation form: Contract Liaisons (

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