Purchasing Card Program

General Information

The Purchasing Card (Pcard) program is offered to help simplify small dollar purchasing needs. The purchasing card contract was specified and awarded by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas, and UNT System must comply with the terms and conditions of this State contract. The program is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate Procurement Services or payment procedures and approval processes.

PCard holder eligibility & application Guidelines are as follows:

  • Any full-time employee delegated authority by a department head or project director with signature authority may obtain a purchasing card.
  • To be designated as a PCard holder, an employee must successfully complete PCard training. Additionally--to retain this designation, each PCard holder must complete the annual refresher training.
  • Cards are issued in an employee’s name and not to a department. Only the person whose name is on the card may use that card.
  • Each DeptID/ProjID holder and cardholder will be held responsible and accountable for the appropriate use of the cards.


Before applying for a purchasing card, you must complete the PCard Holder and Approver training. The PCard Renewal training must be completed annually. 

PCard Holder and Approver Training

PCard Approving in Concur

PCard Application

Please note: The only way to apply for the card is online through Concur.

  1. Complete the PCard Holder & Approver training course and download the completion certificate - See linnks above for training.
  2. Log into Concur - Log In to Concur SSO
  3. In the upper left corner, navigate to Requests
  4. Under Request Policy - Choose "Card Action Request"
  5. Complete required fields and submit
  6. Approval workflow is: Submit > Supervisor Approval > Department Budget approval

Detailed Step by Step instructions on applying for a card - https://finance.untsystem.edu/procurement/cardservices/guide_how_to_apply_for_a_card.pdf

3rd Party Portal Log in links

Log In to Concur SSO - Reconcile PCard transactions

Citi Manager - View statements & pending transactions

Amazon Business Prime SSO - UNT System's Business Prime account - More info HERE

eShipGlobal - UNT System's shipping and freight solution - More info HERE

Pcard Pages

Purchasing Card Guide Sections - The information on this page will provide you with an understanding of the purchasing card program policy and guidelines. 

PCard Dates - a schedule of required activities and respective deadlines for processing Concur PCard Transactions.

PCard Documents - Training materials, Tax forms, additional approval forms

Additional Approval resource links and forms

TAQ Technology Acquisition Questionnaire for IT compliance & approval

Purchasing Card Exception Request Form

Asset Classification


Concur User Group

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Disputed Transactions - If the cardholder notes a disputed transaction they should contact the supplier. If the dispute cannot be resolved with the supplier, the cardholder should contact Citibank at the number on the back of the purchasing card to file a dispute over the telephone.  Citibank will then email the appropriate form to the cardholder.  The cardholder should attach a copy of any disputed form filed with Citibank with the monthly transaction documentation. 

Lost/Stolen Cards - For lost or stolen cards, call Citibank with the number on the back of your Purchasing Card at 1.800.248.4553 immediately to report that the Purchasing Card is missing and request a replacement. Direct Citibank to mail you the replacement card at your departmental mailing address. Also, call the Purchasing Card Administrator at 940.565.3204 or 855.868.4537 and your department manager to advise that you have called Citibank.

Purchasing Card Abuse - If you observe or suspect abuse of Purchasing Card Program Guidelines, you may submit an anonymous concern using this Report Purchasing Card Abuse form.

Declined Transactions - If a transaction declines, contact the PCard Team immediately and they will assist in resolving the purchase transaction.

Concur PCard Standard Processing Timeline

The following is a schedule of required activities and respective deadlines for processing Concur PCard Transactions.

  • Statement Periods – 4th of Prior month through 3rd of Current month
    • Transactions post throughout the month and should be reconciled weekly throughout the Statement period
    • Concur Process Restriction: PCard Holders cannot submit Statement Reports until the 6th of each month. This is to allow all of the final posted transactions to migrate to Concur.
  • PCard Holders Statement Submittal with Receipts – Starting on the 6th of each month, you will have up to 3 business days to complete reconciliation and submit your report. 
  • Approvers (All levels completed by) – 18th of the Month or following business day (with the exception of December)
    • 1st Level (formerly Reconciler) – 3 Business Days
    • 2nd Level (DeptID Holder) – 3 Business Days
    • 3rd Level (COA/Grants Office) as needed – 3 Business Days
  • PCard Team to complete transactional review/audit – 20th – 26th of the Month
    • PCard Journal Creation – 26th of the Month or following business day
    • PCard Statement Payment Due to Citibank – 27th of the Month or following business day


Email: PCard@untsystem.edu
Phone:  940.369.5500, option 1, then option 4