Comp & Overtime

Exempt Employee Comp Time Request Form

Per Policy 03.602 Compensatory Time and Overtime (view at PolicyTech) which prevents exempt employees from earning State compensatory time unless they work on a Board of Regents designated holiday, or if the employee receives prior approval from the Chancellor/President only under extraordinary circumstances to provide services that protect, maintain, or restore operations.

For exempt employees who receive prior approval from the Chancellor/President, an electronic form has been created in order to ensure employees are able to earn comp time.  If UNTD, HSC, or UNTSA has multiple employees that they want to accrue comp 1.0, please use the Exempt Mass Form.  If UNT has multiple employees they want to accrue comp 1.0, please use the UNT Exempt Mass Form.

Lapsing of Comp Time at 1.0

An employee who wishes to use accrued comp time that is subject to lapsing should submit a written request for permission to use the time to their department head at least 90 days before the time will lapse. The department head will then either approve the request in writing or provide the employee with an alternative date on which the employee may use the time. The department head is encouraged to reasonably accommodate the employee's use of the accrued comp time before it lapses.

Payment for "Comp Time at 1.0"

Compensatory leave is granted as equivalent time off which must be taken within 12 months of the end of the week in which the comp time was earned. Generally, no cash payments may be made for unused comp time earned at 1.0. A non-exempt staff member must use all accrued comp time earned at 1.0 prior to terminating employment.

Payment for "Comp Time at 1.5"

Compensatory time at 1.5 may be accrued up to a maximum limit of 240 hours for most nonexempt employees and up to 480 hours for employees working in public safety, emergency response or seasonal activities. Cash payment is required whenever accrual exceeds the limit on accumulation. Employees should be scheduled to take time off for accumulated comp time as soon as possible following the end of the week in which the time was earned.

Normally, a staff member must use all accrued compensatory leave earned at 1.5 prior to terminating employment. In unusual circumstances, a staff member may receive a cash payment for such time at termination. Contact the Compensation area of Human Resources at 940/565-4245 for assistance in calculating payment amounts.

Cash Payments for Overtime

There are special instances where overtime may be paid out to an employee depending on their FSLA status.

Hourly Employee may be paid for overtime at 1.5 times their regular rate of pay. If the employee works for more than one department, then the overtime pay will be paid from the account where the 41st hour was accrued.

Non-Exempt Employee may not be paid for comp time earned at 1.0 times the rate of pay upon termination. If unusual circumstances exist, then a cash payment may be made with approval from the VP and President. Cash payment is required whenever accrual comp time earned at 1.5 times the regular rate of pay exceeds the limit on accumulation or upon termination. Contact Human Resources for assistance as a special calculation may be required.

Exempt Employee may not be paid for comp time earned unless the employee qualifies for an exemption. A list of exemptions can be found in the UNT policy governing Compensatory Time (see Additional Resources). Non-exempt salaried employees shall be compensated by cash payment, at their regular rate of pay, for hours worked at any location other than their regular place of employment or assigned duty point, in lieu of the accrual of state compensatory time, by the reporting of compensatory time paid at 1.0 through EIS Time and Labor.