Time Reporting Codes

Several time reporting codes can be used in time entry. The most common used are SCK for sick leave and VAC for vacation leave. NEVER use a code with an "X" as the first letter. Below are just a few of the most common used codes.

  • Code Description 
  • ADM Administrative Leave 
  • DOC Paycheck Dock 
  • FHD Floating Holiday Taken 
  • FSF Faculty/Staff Fitness Time Off 
  • JUR Jury/Witness Duty Time Off 
  • REG Regular Hours Worked (salaried) 
  • RHW Regular Hours Worked (hourly) 
  • SCK Sick Leave Taken 
  • SPT Sick Pool Taken 
  • STP Star Performer Time Off 
  • VAC Vacation Leave Taken
  • Miscellaneous Time Off