Direct Deposit

Beginning April 1, 2020 and going forward, any paper payroll checks will be mailed to your current home address on file. We encourage all employees to log into and update your home address (under Personal Information) to ensure that your payroll check is mailed to the correct address.

If you are not interested in having your payroll check mailed to your home address and would prefer another method of payment we would encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit or the Brinks Skylight Money Card to receive your payroll funds.

  • Avoid check cashing fees.
  • No paper to lose or damage.
  • Reducing paper waste is better for the environment.
  • Avoid a trip to the bank or ATM.
  • Direct deposit funds are available immediately on pay day.
  • Paychecks are deposited even if the employee is out of the office on payday.
  • Paychecks get deposited even in the case of severe weather
  • Direct deposit reduces the risk of identity theft.

Brinks Skylight Money Card

The Brinks Skylight Money Card is a payroll card that is a physical MasterCard-branded card. Each payday the employees pay will be deposited onto the card. The card can be presented to a teller at any MasterCard Member Bank to receive up to 100% of your available balance.

Sign up

  1. Enroll in Duo multifactor authentication online at
  2. For questions or assistance for Duo, please contact your local department's IT support group, or the UNT System Service Desk at 940-565-4357 or
  3. Once securely enrolled, please email UNT System Payroll at
  4. Once we receive your email we will contact you about Brinks Skylight Money Card.

Sign up for Direct Deposit

  1. Enroll in Duo multifactor authentication online at
    For questions or assistance for Duo, please contact your local department's IT support group, or the UNT System Service Desk at 940-565-4357 or
    Once securely enrolled, you will be able to update your direct deposit information at
  2. Log into
  3. Click on "Payroll & Compensation" and then click on "Direct Deposit".
  4. Sign-in through Duo.
  5. Once completed, click "Add Account" and add banking information.
  6. Under "Deposit Type" you will want to put (Balance of Net Pay) (this option allows 100% of your check to go into your account) or list the amount or percent if you choose to split your payroll check into two accounts 
  7. Under "Deposit Order" it will be automatically filled with 999; please leave this setting as is
  8. Click "Save" once you have reviewed all of your information.

Additional Direct Deposit

Employees can now establish an additional direct deposit authorization from their paycheck into a second bank account. This enables employees to split their paycheck between more than one checking or savings account.

  1. Log in to the self-service portal via
  2. From the left hand navigation, click Payroll & Compensation
  3. Click on “Direct Deposit”
  4. Sign-in through Duo
  5. Click “Edit” to update account information
  6. If you currently have only one direct deposit account, select “Add row”
    • a. If you do not have an active direct deposit row (direct deposit detail), you will only be provided two options to (Add or Delete) a pending change previously entered.
    • b. If no previous change has been made, you will only be provided the (Add) option.
  7. Click “Save” to save your changes.

When adding a second direct deposit account, if a dollar amount is noted under “Deposit Type” in the first row, the second row can only be noted as “Balance”. If “Percent” is noted in the first row, the second row must either be noted as “Balance”, or a percentage that when added to the first row totals 100 percent. If only one direct deposit account is selected, “Percent” is the only option for “Deposit Type”.

Employees will be able to view the saved entry at the completion of the process. Changes will show in a “pending” status until Payroll runs the processes to upload the self-service data. This process is run before each regular payroll is processed.