Time and Labor

This page provides information and resources for individuals who are responsible for departmental timekeeping and other functions that affect a department's payroll. Many questions can be answered by referring to the Hourly Payroll Guidelines.

Time Administration (Time Admin) automatically runs at 11:15 a.m. on all hourly employees and midnight on all hourly and salary employees. The time admin process will only capture time that has been approved in the EIS system. Time must be approved by applicable deadlines in order for the time admin process to capture the time and process it to payable time. The time will then be processed on the next available payroll if applicable.

Once data has been entered and Time Administration has run, it is important to review for exception messages. These messages may be warnings (those that will stall pay/update if not fixed) or errors (those that will not pay/update if not fixed). Timekeepers are responsible for insuring that messages are reviewed and the data is corrected. Failure to do this could result in the employee not receiving payment or could delay balances from updating properly..

Deadline Calendar

The Deadline Calendar contains information related to the deadlines for payroll forms and time entry in order to ensure payment is made on the next payroll run. Payroll forms must be received in HR by the date and time stated for each payroll. Time entered must be approved before the deadline stated in order to be picked up by payroll. The deadline calendar is compiled in HR with the assistance of payroll and posted to this website.

Time & Labor Training Guides

Time Approvals

All time entered into the EIS system for both salaried and hourly employees needs to be approved by the applicable deadlines. If you are an approver for an hourly employee's time, you must remember that hourly employees will not receive a paycheck unless their time has been approved by the established deadline.

The Time and Labor WorkCentre has many reports that can assist you in the approval process:

  1. Exceptions report
  2. UNTS Payable Time summary 
  3. UNTS Reported Time summary


Timekeeper reports are very useful to timekeepers. Employees by group report will show time-keepers their employees for either their hourly or salaried employees. This report will show each employees' emplid#'s, record number, job code, hourly rate of pay (not displayed for salaried employees), payment account and the employees payable time (not all fields are on all reports). These reports are submitted and run at the time requested by the timekeeper in the UNTS Time and Labor pages in EIS. They are returned in the form of a spreadsheet.

Running Reports

This training walks you through the process of how to run the most common reports, such as pending time, leave balances, payable time, and unreported time.

Exceptions report 

This report will identify any exceptions reported on your employee’s timesheet. You can run this report by group or by individual. This report can be found in the Time and Labor WorkCenter under Manager Self Service.

UNTS Payable Time summary 

This report will identify all time on the timesheet that has processed to payable which should match the UNTS Reported Time Summary for the current pay period if all time has been approved.  This report can be found in the Time and Labor WorkCenter under Reports/Queries.

UNTS Reported Time summary 

This report will identify all time on the timesheet that has been entered. If this report and the UNTS Payable Time Summary do not match for the current pay period it means that some of the time on the timesheet has not been approved, or was possibly changed after the approval and was not re-approved at the time the report was run. This can also help identify if time was entered after the termination date of an employee. This report can be found in the Time and Labor WorkCenter under Reports/Queries.

Comp Time History Reports

A specialized report to show the daily history of comp time earned, taken, paid and lapsed during a period (usually 6 months). EIS only shows the balance on a given day. These reports are very helpful in assisting employees to avoid lapsing (can include future lapsing) and assisting timekeepers in reconciliation when errors are either identified or suspected.

Timekeeper/Payroll Announcements

There are several email lists which are used to provide announcements and updates to those with timekeeping or payroll form processing responsibilities. By placing your email address in one or all of these lists you be assured to get the earliest notification of time reporting or payroll news. In addition the email lists, the A-Team meetings meet monthly and are designed as a way to deliver information and announcements to administrative support personnel in the departmental offices.

To receive notifications from Payroll regarding Time and Labor, you must have access as a Timekeeper. Emails will be sent in accordance with EIS access to the Timekeeping modules.

To receive notifications from the Time & Attendance Office regarding notifications, send an email to timeandlabor@untsystem.edu requesting to have your email address included in the payroll user group list.


Human Resources provide timekeepers with training on how to complete certain payroll forms as well as how to enter time into the EIS system.