Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was my requisition returned?

If your requisition was returned check the comments and history tabs to learn the return reason.

Should I check Service Request or Blanket Order?

Blanket Purchase Orders to place orders for goods that are non-assets, non-controlled and non-catalog items.

Service request form is for service and is setup as amount only for multiple payments

How do I know when to submit a Payment Request Form vs a Service Form Request?

Payment Request Form should only be used for the expense types listed on the form, all other services should be on a Service Form Request.

How do I submit a change request?

There are different scenarios for change requests use link below for instructions.

When should I submit a Payment Request Form?

Payment Request Forms should be submitted AFTER services are complete.

*Service Form Requests should be submitted BEFORE services to avoid After the Facts.

How will I know if I need to complete a receipt vs an Approval Workflow?

Catalog and Non-Catalog require receipts whereas Payment Request Form and Service Form Request/Blanket Order do not require receipts and instead go through an approval Workflow.

Any other important information I should know about receipts in Marketplace?

-Receipts should be completed as soon as the goods are received, do not wait to be prompted by an invoice entered into the system

-Use the actual receipt date vs the date you created the receipt in the system as this could cause a delay in payment to the supplier

-Don’t forget to delete any line items already received or that have not yet been received

-Assets should only be received by Campus Central Receiving departments

-UNT and UNTS Administration will need to complete receipts for non-assets, including warranties. See         Jimmy Grounds for additional information.

Where can I check the status of my invoice?

On the summary tab of the invoice, scroll to the right and navigate to the approval workflow. This will indicate where the invoice is at in the process. You can select the blue hyperlinks to see who needs to approve in the workflow.

When are my invoices processed for payment?

Invoices are processed Net30, from the date the invoice was received or the date the goods or services were received, whichever is later.

Where can I see Payment information?

On the summary tab of the invoice, scroll to the Returned Payment Information Section. If payment has processed, this will contain payment method, payment reference id and payment date information.