Requisitions in ePro 9.2

The information on this webpage will help you proceed through the requisition process using the 9.2 version of EIS. The Purchasing department strives to maintain efficient operations while adhering to the requirements of the UNT System, state and federal laws, rules, and procedures. Our mission is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational and research missions of the UNT System campuses. Please contact Purchasing if you have any questions or for additional assistance.

For help completing Chart of Accounts (COA) Chartfields:
9.0 Account to 9.2 Account Lookup (03/01/2016)
9.0 DeptID to 9.2 FoaPs Lookup (03/01/2016) 

For further COA assistance, please contact your campus Budget Office.

Compatible Browsers

Firefox is the preferred internet browser choice when accessing EIS 9.2, and Chrome is available as a secondary option.

Category Tool

Please use this Category Tool spreadsheet to help you find the right category depending on what is purchased when filling out a Requisition. The spreadsheet is filter-enabled that allows you to only see the categories that apply to a particular group - all categories that could be used when ordering "Goods," for example. There are also keywords that allow for a search on a single word that can also pinpoint a category - "speaker."

Please use these tips for How to Filter Data in Excel.

Requisition Documentation


Justification Comments






Department contact

Full name, phone number and email address


Vendor contact

Full name, phone number and email address



What is it for? Why is it being purchased?


Email Address

Where do we need to send the order?


Procurement Method

Must be referenced (coop, contract, quotes)


Service Date

When do need services performed or good received by?


Supporting Documentation


If applicable

HSP Form

If purchase is over $85k (or has the potential to go over $85k with change orders).

If applicable


Attach all quotes

If applicable


If this purchase is made off an existing contract, attach copy of contract

If applicable

Previous PO number

What was the previous PO number? This helps with reporting

If applicable

Proprietary/Sole Source form

Must have VP or dept chair signature

If applicable

Request for Solicitation form

Attach for formal solicitations

If applicable

Conflict of Interest form

Attach when reporting COI

If applicable


Additional information on purchase/contract

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is my buyer?
2. When creating a change order, can you add a line to the existing Purchase Order? 
Answer. No, adding a line to an existing Purchase Order will create another Purchase Order for that added line (two separate Purchase Orders). 
3. How do I setup my requisition if there are going to be multiple invoices coming in? 
Answer: Check the box “amount only” within the requisition. 
4. How do I purchase custom items with Logos or branding? 
Answer: Branding approval should be obtained from Marketing and/or URCM prior to creating the requisition. The email approval should be attached to the requisition along with the artwork. If branding approval has not been obtained by marketing and/or URCM prior to the requisition, the art work should be attached to the requisition so that the buyer can insert the special approver to approve the branding – please note that extended processing times apply in instances that approval was not obtained prior to submitting requisition. 
5. I need to have funds on a PO disencumbered - what do I do? 
Answer: complete and submit the encumbrance inquiry by clicking here: 
6. Can I get individual training?  
Answer: Absolutely! Please send an email to with your contact information and we'll work to schedule a time that works for you. 
7. I cancelled my requisition but the encumbrance is still showing on Cognos. How do I fix it? 
Answer: After cancelling a requisition, you will still need to complete a budget check at the end to release the funds back to your account.  
8. I need to get my agreement signed before the start of the new fiscal year. How do I do that? 
Answer: You have two ways, depending on if the new year is available in EIS. 
If the new fiscal year is available to budget checked against, enter in the requisition for $0.00 with a budget date of 9/1/xx (xx being the future fiscal year). The requisition will get processed and contract reviewed and signed.  After the PO Roll (usually 2nd/3rd weekend in September), you will need to execute a change order to that requisition to add funds to the line so it can then pay invoices. 
If the new fiscal year is not available, you can enter in a $0.00 req with the current date as the budget date. Include a note that the requisition is get a contract reviewed and signed. That req and PO will then be closed. At the beginning of the new fiscal year, you will need to submit a new requisition with the signed contract to establish a PO that will allow invoices to be paid.