Chart of Accounts (CoA)

The Chart of Accounts is the basic foundational building block of an organization’s financial system. At face value, it is a categorical numbering and classification system for every single financial transaction that, when designed and used correctly, allows for an almost infinite matrix of customizable information. Beyond the surface, the Chart includes various organizational hierarchies and intelligence that given even more information than is available at pure face value. This matrix is the future of UNT System financial record-keeping and reporting.

FoaPs is the acronym used to help customers remember the 9 fields used within the Chart of Accounts (CoA).

Category Tool

Job Codes with D Level Accounts


FoaPs trees

Fund Category* (xls)
Fund* (xls)
Function* (xls)
Organization Department* (xls)
Account GL* (xls)
Account KK* (xls)
KK_GM Expense(xls)
Project* (xls)
Program* (xls)
Purpose* (xls)
Site* (xls)
Category Code with Account Tree KK* (xls)

*Files will be updated as new information becomes available.



Training Materials

CoA Quick Reference Guide (pdf)
UNT Dallas Slide Deck (pdf)
UNT Denton Slide Deck (pdf)
UNT Health Science Center Slide Deck (pdf)
UNT System Slide Deck (pdf)
CoA Function Chartfield (pdf)
CoA Quick Reference Guide - Function Chartfield (pdf)




Questions regarding ePARs and ePro requisitions should be directed to the Business Service Center:

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Budget Office

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