Cash Advance Setup in Concur

To gain access to a Cash Advance field within your Concur Travel Requests, please complete this form. This form must be submitted no later than 10 business days prior to the trip. NOTE: This is a one-time set up in your profile. 

Some things to know about cash advances

  • Airfare and rental car expenses cannot be advanced. Airfare and Enterprise/National Car Rental should be booked through Concur for no-out of pocket expense.

  • Cash advances are disbursed 7 days prior to the departure date and should be in the status “Pending Cash Advance Administrator” at least 10 days in advance prior to the departure date.

  • Cash advances must be reconciled and submitted on an Expense Report within 7 days upon return. 

  • Once you receive notifiocation that your profile is ready to add cash advances to Requests, you cna follow this how-to on adding that cash advance to your Pre-Trip Travel Request - Requesting a Cash Advance - SAP Concur - openSAP Microlearning