1. Click the compass icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

2. From the submenu, click "Log In to FS"

This could be the result of a few different issues, but if you are connecting remotely, the EIS Financial (myfs) firewall prevents access from outside sources and requires use of the VPN.  Instructions on the use of the VPN can be found here.  Smart phone or tablet VPN access can be found here.

A user must first complete training and submit a copy of their training certificate with the Service Now Security Request for the following roles:

  • ePro Approver
  • ePro Coordinator
  • Cost Transfer (CT) Entry and Approver
  • Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) Entry and Approver
  • Journal Worksheet (JWS) Entry and Approver

Contact your Business Unit's Budget Office for ABA Entry and Approver training and access request.

Trainings available through Bridge for UNT, System, and Dallas are found via unt.bridgeapp.com; while HSC trainings are through learnhsc.bridgeapp.com.
  1.  After logging into the learning management system, be sure the "My Learning" menu is selected and scroll down to your listing of completed courses. 
  2.  Find the course for the certificate you need and hover your mouse over it to bring up options.  Click the "Details" button, which will bring up a panel, where you will select "View Certificate". 
  3.  Once loaded, click the print button, and select the option to save to PDF.





Step 1: Login to my https://my.untsystem.edu/

Step 2: Click on the Employee Resources tile                                             Step 3: Click on the Employee Access Request Form tile                            

Screen_Shot_1_Request_ePar   Screen_Shot_2_Request_ePar 

Step 4: Enter employee ID (person needing access), then below choose the type of access needed.


To add a proxy or approval delegation in HR, please logon to myhr.unt.edu.  On the Employee Self Service page, click on the Delegations tile, then click on the Create Delegation Request.  Follow the prompts to add a new approval delegation authority to another employee.

Navigate to https://enrollment.unt.edu/student-information-systems-access and follow the instructions.

Open the file viewer and highlight "This PC", which will make the "Map Network Drive" option available on the ribbon:

Select the drive letter of choice, then copy/paste or type the path for the drive you want to map.  Make sure"reconnect at sign-in" is selected:


Please see the instructions in this document.

You can update your preferred email address through the AMS site.

Access to Concur is automated by the HR record. Anyone with a valid HR record has a profile and can access Concur. Here are some helpful links:

Log into Concur- http://untsystem.edu/concur

Pcard webpage and information - /purchasing-card-program

Pcard application found here - /p-card-documents