Advance Services

Advance services (utilizing CTP or cash advances) are available for employees to secure travel arrangements for university related travel. Cash advances are not allowed on state funds. Requests for cash advances are limited to the following:

  • Employees who do not qualify for an IBT
  • Foreign travel where credit cards are not accepted or
  • Team travel (For Team Travel, the employee will be designated as the custodian of the funds and is responsible for retaining all travel documentation and submitting a reconciling Concur Expense Report.)

Cash Advance

Prior to requesting a cash advance on a Concur Request for the first time, employees must complete the following steps.

  1. complete training courses
    1. Travel Basics (Self paced course) - This course will provide you with the information and resources necessary to plan and conduct University business travel.
    2. SAP Concur - Request, Travel & Expense (4 course, self paced program) - This Program is designed to provide an in depth look at SAP Concur, it's features & capabilities, and how it is being leveraged by the UNT System Enterprise to improve business processes.
  2. complete the Cash Advance Webform
  3. upon notification from the travel office of cash advance setup, complete a Concur Request and submit for approval to the automated workflow
  4. employees that have received a cash advance must submit a reconciling Concur Expense Report within 7 business days from the date of return.

An overdue reconciling Concur Expense Report will result in the following;

  • Additional advance services will not be allowed until documentation has been submitted and reviewed for accuracy.
  • A cash advance will not be an option for future travel arrangements.
  • Any other Concur Expense Reimbursement Reports will not be processed for an employee with overdue reconciling Concur Expense Report