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Time Entry

Time Reporting Codes (TRC)

Several time reporting codes can be used in time entry. The most common used are SCK for sick leave and VAC for vacation leave. NEVER use a code with an "X" as the first letter. Below are just a few of the most common used codes.

  • Code Description 
  • ADM Administrative Leave 
  • DOC Paycheck Dock 
  • Bereavement Leave
  • FHD Floating Holiday Taken 
  • FSF Faculty/Staff Fitness Time Off 
  • JUR Jury/Witness Duty Time Off 
  • REG Regular Hours Worked (salaried) 
  • RHW Regular Hours Worked (hourly) 
  • SCK Sick Leave Taken 
  • SPT Sick Pool Taken 
  • STP Star Performer Time Off 
  • VAC Vacation Leave Taken
  • Miscellaneous Time Off