Talent Share/Exchange

The Talent Share/Exchange Program provides a unique learning experience through rotational job assignments. This is an opportunity for employees to enhance their knowledge, skills & abilities, and increase their understanding of the interconnectedness of roles within UNT World.


Benefits of the Program

  • Establishes a system for good stewardship of talent development across the UNT World
  • Provides employees with the opportunity to learn new functional areas within UNT World and broadens understanding of a bigger picture
  • Provides employees with the opportunity to gain new skill sets and to expand their perspective and insight into their current role
  • Facilitates exploration into new career options within UNT World
  • Allows departments to cross-train the employee pool, deepening their bench to maximize operational efficiency and excellence
  • Provides a clear and distinctive channel for increased collaboration, communication, and networking across departments and campuses
  • Provides a forum for sharing best practices while allowing for self-development
  • Creates increased opportunity for employee engagement and retention

Opportunities to Participate

Participate in building this program by completing a quick survey:  4-Question Interest Survey

Phased Implementation

Phase One
Perform peer review research, review current workforce, and determine opportunities.  Hold focus group sessions to determine positions and skill sets that are of interest.

Phase Two
Determine pilot opportunities and confirm program eligibility criteria, application process, and create program guidelines.

Phase Three
Announce, open applications, and launch program.​​​​