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Computer Peripherals

Supplier: SHI Government Solutions, Inc.

Products: Computer peripheral products, third-party software and software licenses, accessories and related services. Distribution will be direct from SHI Government Solutions as an authorized reseller.

Contract No: UT System Supply Chain Alliance 5514

Effective Dates: 07/01/2014 - 06/30/2019, 3 annual renewals remaining

Adrienne Pubylski, Account Manager
512.751.4186 (Reference contract number UTSSCA5514)

Value to UNT System: Current participating institutions will realize an additional savings of 2% above what is being paid today for Computer Peripherals products, software and related services. However, overall there is realized savings of 10%-15% when compared with current market pricing. All calculations are based upon the annual purchase of Computer Peripherals products, software and services across UT System and Participants from other Texas universities.

Actual savings will be relative to the level of participation by each institution.

Ordering: Reference contract number UTSSCA5514 on requisitions to SHI to ensure that negotiated contract pricing is received.

HUB: SHI is a Texas Certified HUB vendor. UNTS will receive 100% HUB credit on every purchase.

Questions: Contact your Buyer for additional information.