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Customer Support

See below for quick resolutions to frequently asked questions as well as contact information for a variety of support resources.

Contact Business Customer Support : CLICK HERE

  • Provides end users the option to call, email, or live chat. Please use this method of contact for anything relating to an order, transaction, charge, or shipment 

Call Business Customer Support:

  • 888. 281. 3847

Cancel an Individual Prime Membership:

  • Your Account > Manage My Prime Membership > End Membership
  • The end user must follow the steps to receive a pro rated refund

Request a Tax Exemption Refund:

  • Your Orders > Locate Order > Contact Seller > Request refund through email
  • Additional tax queries can be emailed to tax

Vendor Hold Search: Vendor Hold status checks are still required on any transaction over $500, including Amazon. Ensure you are checking the status of the 'Sold by" merchant if purchasing through Amazon.